Automatically Aligning Biscuit Making Machine , Cookie Making Machine

Automatically Aligning Biscuit Making Machine , Cookie Making Machine



Filled Biscuit&Cookie Production Line
Model:YJ-900 series
A-1 Maximum capacity for small products is 4800 pcs/hr for 30-60g products.
A-2 6 independent motors are equipped to control the speed of hoppers and conveyor belt.

This design brings more gentle extrusion to the materials.

A-3 Even better product shape with weight accuracy in less than 2 grams for 30-60g products .
A-4 The shutters are made of are equipped with high quality UPE materials.
A-5 Motors, gear drivers, converters, reduction gears are imported from Taiwan for long life shelf.

Electric sensors are imported from Japan.Massive design for high endurability.

A-6 2 horizontal hoppers is tested to be suitable for most elastic dough and nonelastic dough.
A-7 By adding the YJ-838 Stamping Machine, flat products can be shaped and molded
A-8 By adding the YJ-860 Tray aligning Machine,

Automatically aligning each product hygienically on the tray can be achieved.

The texture of product will no longer be broken by hand made




Dates filled Biscuit, Nuts filled biscuit, Cheese Filled biscuit ,

Pistachios filled biscuit, Jam brownie, Jam Filled Biscuit//Cookie…etc.


Filling: Designed for either dry or wet filling Products.

Dough:Designed for either elastic or nonelastic dough products.

Unique Filling:2 layers filling device is added to achieve unique 2 layer filling products.




length 4450mm
width 1900mm
Height 1850mm
Weight 1040kg
Electric capacity 4.5kw
Voltage 380V, 50/60HZ, 1 or 3 Phase, 6HP
Hopper capacity 20L+28L+5L


Competitive Advantage:


1. Advanced design and craft.

2. High reputation and credit.

3. High quality spare parts.

4. Easy operating, cleaning & maintaining.

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