French Bread Making Machine Baguette Moulder

French Bread Making Machine Baguette Moulder


Performance parameter:

Model No F-750
Specified voltage 220V/380V50HZ
Specified power 0.75kw/h
Dough Range 50-1200g
Dimensions 980 x700 x 1430 mm
Net Weight 285kg

Main characteristic:

The machine is planned under the traditional rules to produce great baguettes and all narrow bread moulds.The dough is laminated frist and then wrapped,rolled and extended through two belts with opposite sense of rotation. The rolling cylinders are made of non-toxic material and they allow a perfect regulation according to the weight of the dough portion.It is possible to obtain narrow piece from the weight of 50grams to the weight of about 1200grams.

It is an necessary equipment for producing baguette,making the figure of baguette.The dough is smooth and uniform,which is a good preparation for last formation.

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