(350A)High Speed Pillow-Type Automatic Bread Packing Machine

(350A)High Speed Pillow-Type Automatic Bread Packing Machine


Model: 350A
Unit: piece
Unit Price:
Min order: 1 piece
Product Description:

It is suitable for the packing of such articles of regular shape as biscuit,bread ,moon-cakes,daily necessities,and metal fittings(nails,hinges,dolts,and locks)
Technique parameter:

Model GZB350
Max. film width 330mm
Packing Speed 50-130 bag/min
Film thickness 0.03-0.06mm
Bag Length 90300mm
Bag Width 30120mm
Product Height 180mm
Power Supply 220v , 50/60 Hz , 2.4 KW, 1 Phase
Machine Size (L * W * H) 4200710 x 1450 mm
Machine Weight 700 Kg

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